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Natty Rems is extending our reach to Northern Lights Edgewater!



Enjoy a well-stocked selection of the same Natty Rems exclusive concentrates and staple strains at Northern Lights Edgewater as offered at Natural Remedies. If you’re unable to visit Natural Remedies before 6pm, Northern Lights Edgewater will have you covered until midnight, daily.

Concentrate Remedies, processed with flower grown by the Natty Rems cultivation crew, will be featured at the same (non-sale) recreational, medical Member and medical Non-Member price as available at Natural Remedies. Premium flower cultivated by Natty Rems will also be available at a comparable price.

While Member benefits cannot be honored at Northern Lights, you can count on daily service from 9am to midnight.

Stay connected with Natty Rems for the latest in Natty News, drops and strain descriptions by following Natural Remedies, Concentrate Remedies and Northern Lights Edgewater.

Conveniently located at 2045 Sheridan Blvd in Edgewater, CO.

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