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Meet Joe, Your Natural Remedies Employee of the Month!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.27.08 AM

This east-coast native has been a Member with Natty Rems for close to three years and is excited to now officially be on the Natural Remedies retail team. Joe says he loves working for Natural Remedies “because it’s the best dispensary in Denver and has the chillest staff… and I just love being downtown.” We’re happy to have you, Joe!

When Joe isn’t enjoying all of what downtown Denver has to offer – he’s smoking on Natty Rems grown UK Cheese (1989 Skunk #1 from the UK) flower and winding down to a gorgeous Colorado sunset.

You can see Joe on our recreational side, which is usually turned up to the freshest beats on SoundCloud. Joe’s favorite artist at the moment is Trails, saying “check him out on soundcloud.com/onetwotrails”!

Be sure to say ‘Hey’ to Joe the next time you visit Natty Rems!