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Introducing CRx Live Resin Pens from Natty Rems

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A CRx live resin pen is pure live extract in a cartridge

Made entirely in house, Natty Rems live resin pens promise potency and full-bodied flavor.

Each cartridge is filled with distillate free, pure live resin processed by Concentrate Remedies from fresh frozen material grown by Natural Remedies.

By using a ceramic heating element inside each cartridge, a consistent and uniform flavor is achievable from the first pull to the last. High heat tolerant materials like ceramic save the flavor-packed terpenes from burning, which ensures a longer lifespan for your pen.

The pull-activated battery works by simply inhaling.

We’ve eliminated the button so users may enjoy a custom hit at the perfect temperature, the deeper you breathe in, the deeper the effects.

You can count on the same award winning care and attention to detail that goes into our flower and concentrates to go into each one of our CRx live resin pens.

Natty Rems welcomes you to experience a flavor like no other.

Currently, CRx Live Resin Pens from Natty Rems are available exclusively at Natural Remedies.