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Indo Expo 2018

The Fourth Annual Indo Expo invades Denver this weekend, January 27th and 28th.

A renowned business-to-business trade show which encourages individuals within the cannabis community to come together – no, not to consume – but to build connections and network in the comfort of a professional atmosphere. The goal of the Indo Expo is to grow, empower and strengthen the industry by providing an accepting platform for productive exchanges.

Here at Natty Rems, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product. From our cultivation and extraction techniques and facilities, all the way to retail strategies and technology, the search for innovative changes to progress our operation never ends! In our quest for more insight as to how important the Indo Expo is for the marijuana movement (which aims to normalize cannabis consumption in society) and why anyone who’s interested in cannabis or hemp should attend – Natty Rems met with the Manager of Marketing for Indo Expo, Clarissa Krieck.

“We’re building a little village”, she begins, “a platform for the professionals in the industry to connect, learn and grow and to ultimately feel normal and accepted in society as having a legitimate career.” If that isn’t inspiring enough, she adds “We want to rid the perception of this preconceived, ‘stoner image’ of a cannabis professional and user”.

What the Indo Expo is ultimately achieving here is showcasing the development and growth of the cannabis industry. For example, the recent evolution of focus from cultivation to extraction will be apparent at this years show as changing needs for equipment and expertise have developed. It goes without saying that there is tremendous potential for economic success when you take the time to think about how much trade is involved for a thriving operation. “From equipment to technology, testing services, consulting services, security services and more – you will see it all at the Indo Expo”, says Krieck.

In addition to providing a landscape for all things cannabis – for the first time in hemp history, hemp producers and processors have an opportunity to be recognized in the The Hemp Product Competition, hosted by the Indo Expo.

Having a background in hemp herself, Clarissa Krieck knows first hand how versatile this plant is, calling it “the fish of the land”. This year, Indo Expo is investing its own resources to support the hemp community, giving participating hemp vendors their own Hemp Hallway (where you can find all things hemp – from vendors to educators and of course, The Hemp Product Competition). “It’s difficult not to be political with hemp,” Krieck starts, “but Indo Expo wants to support the hemp community, which goes beyond business, because we believe that hemp needs to be more interwoven in the industry as a variety of cannabis.”.

We couldn’t agree more. As business and industry evolve to accommodate the growing cannabis community – it is critical that Natty Rems stay current, so there is no doubt that our cultivation, extraction and store team will be present at the 2018 Indo Expo. With the wide variety of industry professionals participating, abundant lectures, demonstrations and vendors involved – this opportunity is far too beneficial and educational to pass up! As a company, we pride ourselves for growing and empowering our team from within and encouraging positive and productive relations in the cannabis industry. Come celebrate the cannabis community with us and recognize the legitimacy of the industry this year at the 2018 Indo Expo. The Natty Rems crew will be there, will you?