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Bend and Blaze at Cultivated Synergy

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The Natty Rems crew recently hosted* a Bend and Blaze class for the first time. We had so much fun meeting other industry and community members and stretching it out with the class. Held at Cultivated Synergy and taught by Amanda Hintz, each Bend and Blaze yoga class is incredibly inviting and comfortable. Immediately, you can feel that this is a safe, judgment-free space to practice. If you missed us earlier this month, rest assured, Natty Rems hopes to host another class again soon.

If you’ve never taken a yoga class (but have always wanted to try) and you enjoy the lifted and freeing effects that cannabis can provide – Bend and Blaze yoga is for you. While the movements and poses are not particularly ‘easy’ – the class, guided by Amanda’s expert direction and alterations, flows well and through guided poses and stretches, you gain a sense of what yoga can do for your mind and body. Don’t let the terminology intimidate you, if the phrase ‘Chaturanga Dandasana’ means nothing to you, fret not. Simply direct your gaze to your fellow classmates or to Amanda herself, and follow along to the best of your ability and comfort level.

You know that you’re in good hands the moment your shoes come off and your bare feet are left to pad along the clean, wooden floor. Once sitting with your mat rolled out and a bottle of water at your side, the warm glow of the flameless candles and soothing background music beckons you to spark up your favorite Natty Rems strain (I suggest our award-winning Moonshine Haze – a yogi’s best friend, this sativa will help engage your mental focus. Known for its bright, fruity flavor and hazy effects, enjoy a calming experience without feeling weighed down).

And just like magic, the right frame of mind takes hold, class begins and the relaxed tone of the instructor’s voice combined with her on-point direction mingle to form your “yoga happy place” (an unearthly realm of pure, calm vibes). Before you know it, a small sweat has broken across your forehead, your muscles are warm and stretched, and you find yourself in “Savasana” (Relaxation or Corpse Pose). The breath and body have melded into one and your mind is lifted and free to rest.

Whether Natty Rems is hosting or not – we encourage you to engage your breath, body and focus, and attend a Bend and Blaze class (held by Cultivated Synergy on Thursdays and Sundays)!

Who knows, maybe Natural Remedies will be there to help you with your practice.

*Bruce Springsteen [a combination of Bruce Banner and Atlantic Kush] live budder and Good Medicine [CBD] nug run processed by Concentrate Remedies.
Banana Kush pre-rolls, cultivated and packaged by Natural Remedies.