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The “Natty Rems Exclusive” Guarantee

Natty Rems patrons, guarantee yourself exclusive access to award winning concentrates and flower that are, in our humble opinion, the best in Denver.

Indulge in the Natty Rems experience with premium runs and strains, available exclusively at Natural Remedies.

Natural Remedies provides a one-stop-shop for the connoisseur consumer and we are proud to carry products, including our hand-tendured flower and Concentrate Remedies brand, that have all been derived entirely in-house. Our flower and concentrates are created with the utmost attention to detail and commitment to daily care. Due to our genuine efforts, we are lucky enough to have been recognized by the cannabis community as one of the most celebrated concentrate and flower producers in Denver (listed as one of the Best Dispensaries in America by High Times Magazine, winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup Medals and THC Magazine Awards).

Our success is a direct result from the loyalty and love shown to us by our patients and patrons – so whenever possible, we enjoy spoiling our Natty Rems fam with premier terps and strains.

From the moment flowers began budding at Natty Rems, we have been cultivating unique strains seen only at Natural Remedies’ downtown Denver location. Exclusive strains include Natty Rems grown Wavy Gravy and Bob Saget. As a patron, you may rest assured knowing that you have access to one-of-a-kind, award winning flowers.

The magic doesn’t stop there! When an extra fine batch comes through our Concentrate Remedies facility, you can count on seeing it available exclusively at Natural Remedies. The best live runs, processed with fresh frozen material grown by the Natty Rems cultivation team, are sent straight to Natural Remedies to join our Medical “Members Only” selections. That’s not to say that only our Members get the best of the best, but it is true that we love to pamper our Natty Rems family with the most decadent live varieties possible.

With the focus of our efforts on the quality of our flower, concentrates and customer service – you can look forward to a short wait time, honest service and some of the best Denver has to offer when visiting Natty Rems downtown Denver location. It’s safe to say that Natural Remedies is the one-stop-shop for the true cannabis connoisseur, looking to experience the finest cannabis and concentrates available.

Visit us today and see for yourself why our award winning flower and concentrates are a mile higher than the rest.

Natty Rems Celebrates our Members

Sign over with Natural Remedies to make us your caregiver!

NRx The Lemon A4 (2)

Become a Member before March 1st for additional benefits – including a $30 in-store credit*, exclusive apparel and an additional Member Benefit Voucher!

Natty Rems honors our existing Members!
ALL existing Members receive a $30 in-store credit*, a free beanie and an additional Member Benefit Voucher before March 1st.


Medical Members have access to lower prices on all products and a

wider variety of Concentrate Remedies.


Save up to 20% every day with Member pricing.

Medical Members receive a SWAG BAG at point of sign over.

Medical Members enjoy exclusive access to select premium live
Concentrate Remedies runs.

Natty Rems celebrates our most loyal Member each month with Member of the Month rewards: 30% OFF every purchase for an entire month (non-sale products).

Refer a friend to become a Member at Natural Remedies and
BOTH MEMBERS receive a FREE eighth or FREE gram of trim run (with purchase).

Medical Members receive Member Benefits which, when redeemed, allow for extended discounts on eighths, edibles and Concentrate Remedies.

$17 eighth of any strain

$15 gram of any CRx trim run

$20 OFF any CRx live run


Join the Natty Fam today and save!

*with a purchase of $75

Happy HOLIDAZE from Natty Rems

Blaze this HOLIDAZE
with Natural Remedies

You are all on the Natty “Nice list”!

Celebrate with savings on ALL Natty Rems grown flower,
Concentrate Remedies and apparel.

Another year has come to an end and Natty Rems is celebrating with savings!

‘Tis the season to honor our loyal customers and staff.

We appreciate your patience through our adversity.
Rest assured, 2018 is going to be a great year for Natty Rems!

The product is better than ever – yields have increased and we are happy to pass the savings along to our patrons.
Look forward to seeing TAX INCLUDED prices at Natty Rems,
beginning with our HOLIDAZE SALE.

Begining Monday, December 18th through the NEW YEAR,

ALL recreational and medical flower is a featured

NRx Wavy Gravy K8 1

Strain of the Day







CRx NRx Atlantic Kush Live Diamonds MED

(excludes diamonds, 4g and 7g jars)


$30/gram for Members

$35/gram for Non-Members



$130/four grams

$260/eight grams

upgraDDe (7)

Double Baker Loyalty Points

Wear a festive holiday sweater to receive double Baker Loyalty points – redeemable for dollars off your next purchase at Natural Remedies.

NattyRems MEDtainer

Gifts Galore

Bundle a custom Medtainer with papers and a lighter for just $20!

Smell proof and decked out with Natty Rems from head to toe,
Medtainers are a MUST for grinding and storing the loud from
Natty Rems.

Receive a FREE BEANIE with a purchase of over $125.

Receive FREE Natty Rems hemp papers with a purchase
of an eighth or more!

Meet Joe, Your Natural Remedies Employee of the Month!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.27.08 AM

This east-coast native has been a Member with Natty Rems for close to three years and is excited to now officially be on the Natural Remedies retail team. Joe says he loves working for Natural Remedies “because it’s the best dispensary in Denver and has the chillest staff… and I just love being downtown.” We’re happy to have you, Joe!

When Joe isn’t enjoying all of what downtown Denver has to offer – he’s smoking on Natty Rems grown UK Cheese (1989 Skunk #1 from the UK) flower and winding down to a gorgeous Colorado sunset.

You can see Joe on our recreational side, which is usually turned up to the freshest beats on SoundCloud. Joe’s favorite artist at the moment is Trails, saying “check him out on”!

Be sure to say ‘Hey’ to Joe the next time you visit Natty Rems!

Introducing CRx Live Resin Pens from Natty Rems

Cartridge Photo 2 (1)

A CRx live resin pen is pure live extract in a cartridge

Made entirely in house, Natty Rems live resin pens promise potency and full-bodied flavor.

Each cartridge is filled with distillate free, pure live resin processed by Concentrate Remedies from fresh frozen material grown by Natural Remedies.

By using a ceramic heating element inside each cartridge, a consistent and uniform flavor is achievable from the first pull to the last. High heat tolerant materials like ceramic save the flavor-packed terpenes from burning, which ensures a longer lifespan for your pen.

The pull-activated battery works by simply inhaling.

We’ve eliminated the button so users may enjoy a custom hit at the perfect temperature, the deeper you breathe in, the deeper the effects.

You can count on the same award winning care and attention to detail that goes into our flower and concentrates to go into each one of our CRx live resin pens.

Natty Rems welcomes you to experience a flavor like no other.

Currently, CRx Live Resin Pens from Natty Rems are available exclusively at Natural Remedies. 

For a limited time, fill out a written review for $10 OFF your next pen purchase.

Natty Rems is extending our reach to Northern Lights Edgewater!



Enjoy a well-stocked selection of the same Natty Rems exclusive concentrates and staple strains at Northern Lights Edgewater as offered at Natural Remedies. If you’re unable to visit Natural Remedies before 6pm, Northern Lights Edgewater will have you covered until midnight, daily.

Concentrate Remedies, processed with flower grown by the Natty Rems cultivation crew, will be featured at the same (non-sale) recreational, medical Member and medical Non-Member price as available at Natural Remedies. Premium flower cultivated by Natty Rems will also be available at a comparable price.

While Member benefits cannot be honored at Northern Lights, you can count on daily service from 9am to midnight.

Stay connected with Natty Rems for the latest in Natty News, drops and strain descriptions by following Natural Remedies, Concentrate Remedies and Northern Lights Edgewater.

Conveniently located at 2045 Sheridan Blvd in Edgewater, CO.

Click here to look at a menu.

Natural Remedies is teaming up with Food Bank of the Rockies

Food Bank of the Rockies has been serving families in the Colorado community since 1978. Each year, about half a million meals are put on the table for families across Colorado thanks to the efforts and work put forth by Food Bank of the Rockies.

Natural Remedies will be accepting donations through the entire month of November!

Participants will be automatically entered into our Food Bank of the Rockies raffle. Beginning November 6th, bring in any non-perishable food items, far from their expiration date, to Natural Remedies and receive a raffle ticket. Participants will receive one raffle ticket for each item donated.

At the end of November, a lucky winner will receive $50 in Natural Remedies store credit.

Warm up to the gift giving season with Natural Remedies!

Back to the Roots

Since being established in 2009, Natural Remedies has been committed to excellence. Each day we strive to provide the best possible customer service experience and cannabis and concentrate products imaginable.

If you’re shopping for the highest grade cannabis and concentrates available, Natty Rems has what you need. Consistency and quality is our focus. We aim for an honest and straightforward approach to cannabis cultivation and business and pledge to our customers to always go above and beyond industry expectations.

The effort that we put forth in our daily approach is something that we celebrate.

In order to consistently provide the wide selection of quality flower and concentrate that we are known for, a daily dedication to natural practices and hand tended processes are essential. Commitment to extra care and avoiding shortcuts are all steps that we take to ensure that our product is the best it can possibly be.

It is said that concentrates are only as good as the materials from which they were extracted from – we at Natty Rems agree wholeheartedly. Concentrate Remedies processed with the premium flower grown and cultivated by the Natural Remedies team are the best varieties available. Processing with award-winning flower like that of Natty Rems ensures that the final product is as flavorful, aromatic and terpene rich as possible. As these runs are available exclusively at Natty Rems and our affiliate locations, it can be said that the patients and patrons of Natural Remedies are truly seeking the best Concentrate Remedies runs around.

As Natty Rems grows and expands its enterprise, you can look forward to seeing your favorite strains in a variety of forms – as a terpene loaded cartridge for vaping, as concentrate, as flower and as an edible.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and loyalty and we look forward to seeing you during your next visit to Natural Remedies.


Bend and Blaze at Cultivated Synergy

yoga 8

The Natty Rems crew recently hosted* a Bend and Blaze class for the first time. We had so much fun meeting other industry and community members and stretching it out with the class. Held at Cultivated Synergy and taught by Amanda Hintz, each Bend and Blaze yoga class is incredibly inviting and comfortable. Immediately, you can feel that this is a safe, judgment-free space to practice. If you missed us earlier this month, rest assured, Natty Rems hopes to host another class again soon.

If you’ve never taken a yoga class (but have always wanted to try) and you enjoy the lifted and freeing effects that cannabis can provide – Bend and Blaze yoga is for you. While the movements and poses are not particularly ‘easy’ – the class, guided by Amanda’s expert direction and alterations, flows well and through guided poses and stretches, you gain a sense of what yoga can do for your mind and body. Don’t let the terminology intimidate you, if the phrase ‘Chaturanga Dandasana’ means nothing to you, fret not. Simply direct your gaze to your fellow classmates or to Amanda herself, and follow along to the best of your ability and comfort level.

You know that you’re in good hands the moment your shoes come off and your bare feet are left to pad along the clean, wooden floor. Once sitting with your mat rolled out and a bottle of water at your side, the warm glow of the flameless candles and soothing background music beckons you to spark up your favorite Natty Rems strain (I suggest our award-winning Moonshine Haze – a yogi’s best friend, this sativa will help engage your mental focus. Known for its bright, fruity flavor and hazy effects, enjoy a calming experience without feeling weighed down).

And just like magic, the right frame of mind takes hold, class begins and the relaxed tone of the instructor’s voice combined with her on-point direction mingle to form your “yoga happy place” (an unearthly realm of pure, calm vibes). Before you know it, a small sweat has broken across your forehead, your muscles are warm and stretched, and you find yourself in “Savasana” (Relaxation or Corpse Pose). The breath and body have melded into one and your mind is lifted and free to rest.

Whether Natty Rems is hosting or not – we encourage you to engage your breath, body and focus, and attend a Bend and Blaze class (held by Cultivated Synergy on Thursdays and Sundays)!

Who knows, maybe Natural Remedies will be there to help you with your practice.

*Bruce Springsteen [a combination of Bruce Banner and Atlantic Kush] live budder and Good Medicine [CBD] nug run processed by Concentrate Remedies.
Banana Kush pre-rolls, cultivated and packaged by Natural Remedies.

Calling All Artists


Announcing the Natty Rems Gallery! The blank walls on our first floor waiting room are about to come to life with local art, consignment pieces, apparel and more.

Every month, Natural Remedies will celebrate one of our creative cannabis community members, patients or employees by featuring their work. Each ‘Artist of the Month’ will enjoy a special feature on our social media pages, blog and monthly newsletter.

Natty fans, look forward to seeing local art, photography and more on our first floor waiting room within the next few weeks as our first ‘Artist of the Month’ is scheduled for November.

We are pleased to say that we are booked through the end of 2017!

If you would like to be considered for the 2018 season, please email three pictures of your work (file sizes need to be less than 600 KB) and a short statement about yourself and your art to

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing your unique artwork here at Natural Remedies.