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CRx NRx Green Princess Crystal Group MED

2017 THC Championship

Hosted by The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, the annual THC Championship is a highly regarded celebration of the cannabis community in Colorado. Each year, Colorado’s finest come together to judge strains, concentrates and edibles to determine which product has the finest quality. In the past, Natural Remedies has been lucky enough to be recognized for our premier flower and concentrates and we are grateful to our customers who allow us to make it happen.

The 2017 THC Championship has awarded our very own Concentrate Remedies team with Best Medical Live Resin for our Green Princess live geodes. This award means a great deal to us, as the Green Princess live geodes were the first of its kind to come out of the CRx lab. Our Concentrate Remedies extraction team processed flower produced by the Natural Remedies cultivation team that won Best Live Resin for the second year in a row and we are beyond grateful to have won with our first attempt at live geodes.

All of our Concentrate Remedies extracts sold for medical and recreational use at Natty Rems are processed with the cannabis grown by the Natural Remedies cultivation team. Our entirely in-house operation is founded on a daily commitment to personalized care and techniques which focus on hand-tendered processes. These necessary steps, which are overseen by leading experts in the field, ensure that our live concentrates are the best they can possibly be.

While our live sugar, budder and resin are still some of the terpiest options available in Denver, our live geodes and live diamonds are particularly potent and flavorful. “There has been a trend toward larger, high potency THCA formations with separated terpenes”, says our Lead Extraction Technician at Concentrate Remedies. With that idea in place, we are excited to run with this concept of producing pure, THCA crystals swimming in delicious terpene-rich juices. If you’re seeking to raise the bar on your smoking experience, be sure to try these new textures.

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